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About Quercus



Buying Quercus products constitutes more than a mere purchase, it marks the beginning of a special relationship between the winemaker and the cooper. Communication and understanding are essential in the cooper-winemaker relationship. The foundation of this relationship is trust. To earn this trust, we pledge to give customer questions or concerns the prompt and personal attention they deserve. 


All of our oak is sourced from barrel stave quality oak from within the Francois Frères group stave mills to ensure a consistent source of the highest quality wine oak available. Seasoning takes place in a unique microclimate aging yard in the center of Europe for 3 years prior to production. This special seasoning contributes to the elegance of the oak's sensory profiles


Under the guidance of our experienced coopers and tradesman in a state of the art ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facility, all of the seasoned oak is inspected and split into small batches for TCA taint analysis. Upon verification the oak is transferred to one of three toasting procedures; convection, traditional with advanced flame control or the hybrid barrel toast. After a final inspection, the oak is packaged with corresponding batch numbers for easy tracking and identification.

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